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    Mondial Tende - Design, construction and sale awnings

    MT group means awnings Mondial curtains, a leading sector in Europe thanks to the unparalleled quality of product and service. With a wide range of models, designs and colors woven, Mondial Tents ensures timely delivery and service. The tents as well as shelter from the sun, rain, wind, transform little outdoor spaces used in a warm atmosphere, cheerful, elegant, colorful

    The Mondial Curtains Group, meets the increasingly demanding market demand with its production of components for the construction of classic awnings, and ornamental details. We can create custom projects, according to customer requirements, to provide a high professionalism and ensure greater durability.

    Our awnings


    From the drop awnings are a practical and elegant solution for the exterior, their main feature is to help you secure the space in frontal and

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    From the tunnel awnings are an outdoor solution with all-aluminum structure with the possibility of installing a hood on the front, suited to large covers for bars and restaurants.
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    The attic awnings requires a very strong structure, durable and suitable to cover outdoor spaces even large, to make the environment
    more livable.
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    In arms

    Curtains with pantograph arms are one of the best known and most popular of shading systems in both the private sector and in public, mounted on a wall or ceiling.
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    The awnings are ideal for shading Dome and at the same time enhancing doors, windows, porches of private homes but also inputs and business windows.
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    The outdoor area is a stylish and versatile structure, entirely made of aluminum painted or stained wood, with the possibility of closure perimeter which guarantees complete protection from the elements.
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    La Pergola

    Outdoor furniture structures of new conception

    Designed for public and private environments, it is made of aluminum which does not require any maintenance by the customer.

    Complete your tent to busy packing to the motor, provides protection from both the autumn and winter weather thanks to fully waterproof fabric, which for those spring and summer, as the overall-shading tarp for its construction with 3 different layers of pVC which guarantee a very high filter to sunlight.
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    Our products

    • Cascade tent
    • Tunnel
    • Attic
    • In arms
    • Dome
    • Dehors
    La Pergola: structure made of aluminum painted with epoxy powder exterior guaranteed 10 years under normal atmospheric conditions.